Bout of Books 17.0 | Day 2

Tuesday was another fairly long day spent primarily on campus until about 3:00 p.m. I’ve been coming to the library to take advantage of the WiFi and to thrive in the productive atmosphere. After spilling some of my lunch on myself an hour before I was to begin my “TA duties”, I had a mad dash to Target to find something else to wear. All I ended up getting was a new cardigan, which I’ve desperately needed anyway.

While I did not have any new classes start yesterday, I did get together with my TA faculty supervisor and have my first TA observation. I’ve learned that while I will not have my own classroom this semester, I am being trained in pedagogical observations that will help prepare me for having my own classroom, perhaps as early as next semester. So I will be observing my supervisor during her 4000-level Networked Identities class, have some outside reading, and observe a few others additionally.

I also have some workshops throughout the semester which I will need attend, but that should be the extent of my workload this semester. Sounds completely manageable.

Reading Progress

rosedaggerMonday night I was not sure what I wanted to read more: The Rose and the Dagger or And Then There Were None. So I opened the question up to Twitter and The Rose and the Dagger won! After my Monday night class, I was too tired to read more than 14 pages though.

Tuesday I had all evening to read, but I only managed to get to page 128! I was having trouble fully submerging into the story. Partially because I could not fully remember the intricacies of why Shahrzad was in her current predicament, and I’m not liking the position she finds herself in anyway. At the end of The Wrath and the Dawn, she is forced to leave Khalid when a major storm decimates the city. So I figure this book is going to be all about her trying to find her way back to him.

I like the direction in which it was going when I finally had to put the book down and submit to my drowsiness. I suspect I will be able to finish the book on Wednesday before my night class, as it will become a quick read as soon as I become invested in the story. Right now, though, I’m just excited to finish it so I can tick another book off my TBR. Also my Goodreads Challenge now tells me I’m only three books behind! So if I can read two more books after this, I’ll be caught up! So that’s the plan!

End Note

It is Wednesday as I write this post and I’m at the library about to start trying to work on my story a little bit. I’ve been posting daily over the past few days as I go through the Bout of Books 17.0 Read-a-Thon, so here’s a list of my most recent posts you might have missed:

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Thank you for reading!
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